Welcome to Ambit Magazine.
This is our submissions portal where you can submit your poetry, fiction and flash fiction. Please note we do not accept any simultaneous submissions!

Our poetry submission windows for the magazine run from February 1-April 1, and from Sept 1-Nov 1. 

Our fiction and flash fiction windows run from March 1-April 1, and from Sept 1-Oct 1.  

There is a admin charge of £2.50 per submission but if you are unwaged it is free to submit work. Just use the appropriate category when entering your submissions. 

All work submitted for publication to the magazine must be original and have not appeared anywhere including websites or blogs. It must not be under submission to any other publication or competition/prize etc.

If you don't know the magazine we encourage you to read a recent copy to understand the sort of work we are looking for. You can find out more about this at www.ambitmagazine.co.uk/submit

Please note that Submittable uses American style dates so don't be confused by them.

Good luck and thank you for thinking of Ambit.

Briony Bax

Ends on £2.50

Welcome to the Ambit poetry submission portal. We are currently reading for our 2021 issues. Due to the high volume of submissions we are receiving we are now adding a £2.50 fee for a submission of up to five poems which is equivalent to the cost of an envelope and postage. If you are unwaged or a student please enter your work in the special category so that you can waive this fee.

Under our new guidelines this window is open for submissions from 1 February - 1  April and 1 September- 1 November each year and any postal submissions will be held and opened during these time frames.  

Send us your best poems, up to five of them in one word document submitted via Submittable, and please only submit once per reading period to give our editors a chance to keep up. 

We did try accepting simultaneous submissions for a while but it really doesn't work for us so please only send work that is original, hasn't been published elsewhere (including blogs and internet).

Our turnaround time varies but we will try and get back to you within 12 weeks.

Please note that Submittable uses American style dates.

André Naffis-Sahely, Romalyn Ante and Kostya Tsolakis, Poetry Editors

This is the poetry portal for Ambit Magazine for those who are unwaged or students and cannot pay the £2.50 admin fee for our regular portal. You may upload up to five poems in one document for us to read.  Please only enter one submission per reading window.

We don't accept simultaneous submissions as we've found it doesn't work for us as we spend a great deal of time choosing the work for Ambit and get very disappointed when it has been taken by someone else.  Also, please don't send any poetry that has appeared on websites, blogs or social media.

We look forward to reading your work.

André Naffis-Sahley, Romalyn Ante and Kostya Tsloakis, Poetry Editors

Ambit Magazine